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Your guide to astrology, tarot, and all things liminal.

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I’m Grace Fern — astrologer, tarot reader, magic practitioner, and researcher. 

My goal is to be your guide as you walk the path of self-understanding. As a conduit for astrology, tarot, and folk magic, I hope to provide you with the insight you need at this moment in your travels. 

Let's walk together


Through astrology, tarot, and individual education on occult topics, I can offer you guidance as we walk this path together.

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Natal Astrology Chart Reading

Your natal chart is a powerful entity that can offer paths to self-understanding.

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Tarot Reading

Tarot is a divination tool that offers insight as we organize our thoughts, feelings, and energy.

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Upcoming Astro Weather + Your Chart

Astrology is not confined to the moment and place of our birth.

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Individual Education

Can't wait for a class with me? Join me for a personalized education session!

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