A photo of Grace Fern. She has fair skin and curly brown hair. She is reclined on a log in the forest and smiling at the camera.

Hi, I'm Grace Fern

Through astrology, tarot, and folk magic, my goal is to be a resource as you walk your own path of self-understanding.

I hope to offer you guidance and support through these mediums, and to create a space where every part of your process is honored.

Think of our sessions as a collaborative place where we can get curious and learn together.

My practice is focused on mapping the connections that transcend cultures, traditions, and practices, which point to our interconnectedness as beings.

I have taken to thinking of this map as a sacred geometrical spiral, on which we are all transposed in one spot or another.

We are all part of the spiral

Holistic thinking and animism are at the heart of my practice.
We’re all connected, including non-human beings, and we all work together as a community. Through my work, I explore liminal spaces; relation with plant, animal, and non-human allies; ancestral influence; and all things Weird.

So let's get Weird.

Let's walk the path together

A photo of the forest with many brilliant green ferns growing on the ground, in front of a row of trees.