Astro Weather Report: Eclipse + Full Moon in Taurus

December 2, 2021

The eclipse + full Moon in Taurus is opposed the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio. Oof. Depth, depth, depth.

I've been wanting to write about this eclipse + full Moon in Taurus because it's such a big topic right now, as it should be - especially opposed the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Scorpio. Oof. Depth, depth, depth.

Notice the themes of uncovering the hidden and facing things which you know about yourself, but you try to shut out because it's too hard ... both are core pieces of growth as human beings. So of course this astro weather would be hitting us deeply and profoundly.

I was going to do a much longer Patreon write up about the eclipse, but I've been expending a lot of energy turning inward... and I suppose it's not meant to be. How fitting.

Instead, I want to offer you a story:

This photo was taken just after boulders broke away from the rock face and fell down into the valley beneath. I didn't see the rocks fall, I just heard cracking followed by rolling booms. I tried to turn myself around quickly enough to see them fall, but I missed them. So I was left with the knowledge that I was there when the rocks fell, I heard them, I felt them, but I didn't see them. And I said, out loud, "What does it mean?"

It's a special moment to be there when erosion finally takes its toll, when the mountains shed off some of their layers. It feels like they're letting you in to an intimate moment. And when this happened, I was thinking of how - with our current astro weather - so many of us feel so close to something, so close to healing, so close to growth, so close to letting someone in...

But we have just a bit more work to do before we are totally there. And that's how this felt for me. I was there. I was right next to it. I felt it. I heard it. But I couldn't yet see it. Does that mean I didn't experience it? No. I just missed one little piece. One little piece that hopefully I will be able to get next time.

But isn't it wonderful that I got that close at all?

Something to think about... much love and tenderness to you during this eclipse, dear ones.