Astro Weather Report: New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

January 19, 2022

On December 4, Sun and Moon are coming together and asking us, "What feels good?"

On December 4, we have the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Sun and Moon are coming together and asking us, "What feels good?"

And, yes, that means that mutable fire sign Sagittarius has control of our emotional centers AND our ego.  Sagittarius is such a free sign, in that it knows what it wants and what it likes, and it goes after it. Some people may see Sag as flighty, but I think it just knows that time spent on the wrong thing is time wasted.

For this New Moon, you may find that you aren't quite as concerned with going "deep," and rather are just enjoying the positives you have to focus on. It may feel like a release, or a relief, and a time to get in touch with what you have to celebrate. Even if you do decide to dwell on some hardships, you may find that you flit easily from one thing to the next, or back and forth between the good and the bad. The point is - Sag doesn't like to be stuck in one spot for too long, for better or worse.

New Moons are excellent times for intention setting, as the moon cycle starts over again. What do you intend to work on in the coming month? Let the Sagittarius "I know what works for me" energy inform your thinking here.

(For a specific intention-setting ritual for this New Moon, you can subscribe to the Moon Meditations tier on my Patreon.)

BUT - with the solar eclipse also occurring, now is not the best time to take concrete action in regards to these feelings.

Remember, the Sun is our ego. And our ego is an important piece of us. It keeps us present and safe in our physical world. But it also puts itself first in a very particular way, which doesn't always serve us, or our communities.

Solar eclipses are a time of clarity and illumination through the lens of the Moon - our intuitive, emotional center. Particularly with it being a Sagittarius New Moon, this eclipse may have a tendency to romanticize something we want, or need, or have been wishing for. And the call to go running for it may feel strong. But take a beat to consider the realities of those feelings, or the outcomes of those actions.

That being said, your feelings about what comes up during this new moon eclipse are incredibly important for you. Pay attention to them! I find writing them down and revisiting them later (like when the Moon enters grounded, level-headed -- although a bit rigid -- Capricorn on December 5) can help me parse out what to go after and what ends up looking a little too rosy.

Embrace the energy, and hold it closely, dear ones. See what the Sun, Moon, and Sagittarius have to teach you this time around.