Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Card Pull

May 10, 2022

Hi, dear ones! Instagram asked for a tarot card pull for the Full Moon in Cancer. Here's what we got:

Hi, dear ones!

So, Instagram asked for a tarot card pull for the Full Moon in Cancer.

Here's what we got:

Ah, the Five of Pentacles!

Although the Moon and the sign of Cancer are both typically associated with the suit of Cups, I think this Five of Pentacles is actually very fitting.

This Full Moon is coming at a time of serious upheaval with Venus and Mercury both retrograde, and Uranus just about to go direct. The hustling and productivity we were enjoying in early December have come to a halt. Have you felt a bit hungover for the past couple of weeks? Me too.

That's what the Five of Pentacles is acknowledging here. In whatever area of your life, you had some sort of material success. You were building to something, and then suddenly... it stopped. This usually happens around the winter solstice holidays, but this feels longer. Thanks, in large part, to the astro weather.

The cool thing about Five of Pentacles is that, although it acknowledges this freeze and the barren feeling that comes with it, it also offers hope. This card is right in the center of a bigger story, followed by the generous and reinvigorated Six of Pentacles. Notice in my deck, the way one of the figures is looking up and smiling at the blizzard, although the other is struggling to bear it.

This is just a pause in your story. Amidst all of this, the Full Moon in Cancer is telling you to connect with those watery feelings and let them fill you up. It's okay. Truly take as much time as you need. Let yourself want to want it again. And then, you can and will launch back into whatever it is you're working toward.

Happy Full Moon, dear ones! 🔮💚💜🌿✨